Personal Narrative: Football Underdogs to Champions

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Football Underdogs to Champions I had tried out for the High School football team but unfortunately was cut. I worked hard over the summer and even passed on the family vacation to North Carolina to attend football conditioning at the school. Even with all of my effort put towards running and weightlifting I was still cut. That however did not stop me from playing the sport I love. I had heard of a local pigskin football league that allowed any teen my age to play. I immediately conversed with my parents and received their permission to sign up. When I first went to get my equipment I met my first coach. Coach Andy was a larger gentleman with a muscular frame. He had a bald head and slightly crooked teeth. He seemed very friendly when I met him and found out he had played football during his high school and college career. I also met the president of the pigskin league Mr. Kemp. He was fitting other players for their shoulder pads and helmets. While I was getting fitted he noted that I was a larger player and asked why I had not played high school football. I took the comment as a compliment and explained the story to him. I had also found out that my team would be the Cowboys. Through various conversations at the fitting, I found out that the Cowboys was the team in which late arrivals and new players were assigned. The Cowboys were considered the “misfit” team that had been thought of as the worst team in the league. That very night from receiving my gear I had an idea. I knew that my friend Brian Alvey enjoyed football as much as I did. He had also tried out for the high school football team and had been cut the year before. I proposed the idea of him playing football on the same team with me in the p... ... middle of paper ... ...ud of me and we continued to pummel the Redskins. Our defensive line would not allow them to score at all. On one occurrence, the Redskins made it to our end zone and had fumbled the ball. I quickly jumped on the ball and prevented them from scoring. We had come back and won with a blowout game. With the game sounding whistle came roars of cheers from the sidelines, bleachers, and the team. We had won the Turkey Bowl Championship. The underdog team of misfits and late arrivals had come together and won. Winning the Turkey Bowl was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. My team had come together and through hard work and effort won the championship. To this very day, I proudly display the large Turkey Bowl Championship trophy in my room. Every time I look at the trophy it reminds me of how a group of misfits came together and won as a team.

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