Personal Narrative Experience: A Guide To An Exposure Experience

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Before the exposure experience, I thought we are watching these videos and go home but we actually have an incredible conversation with Nick and Dakota whose tell us about their experience. I always heard bad things happened when CAS get involved. At age 11, I have to lie to CAS workers to be able to stay home because I am scared to leave my mom alone and I can 't live without her. Times go by, I learned to protect myself from my abusive stepdad. I help my mom find ways to escape my stepdad by going to women shelter. Just about more than a month living in Canada, my mom and I had to escape to a shelter then we escape again next year. When I almost finish high school, I make my own decision to move out before I am turning 18. I had been moving away from home before, and I had felt how hard it was even though my dad is abusive but I still missed my home. Every of my step to walk out my home is very heavy to even think about it. So, I do understand how it felt about moving from one place to another place because I had experienced come to Canada since I am 11 years old. I found it way harder because I have to learn another language when…show more content…
I realized that listen to people who experience struggles and try to understand what we will see in future is better than reading articles and learning theories. In future, we will meet these clients and everyday social workers will learn new ways to overcome many challenge cases. When I listen to Nick and Dakota talk, I hope all my colleagues would acknowledge that our clients are an expert to us, they are the one who knows how they feel in their own situation. Social workers are the one who should listen and support all their clients because they cannot guess how that person feel. Social work is like a never ending work, every day we will experience something new based on the client that we had a chance to work
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