Personal Narrative Essay: What I Want In Life

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Marilyn was attending Queens College and our dad had a better relationship with us by this time now. Sometimes to say the least. He was allowed in the house now by my mom and they had a better relationship for the sake of us. From time to time my dad would call us at night drunk and tell us how much he misses us, he’s sorry, how much he loves us and thinks we don’t love him back because of all the damage he has done. This happened frequently. We always assured him that we loved him no matter what. I really do love my dad. Always have and always will. The thing with my dad was that he would change his way of thinking towards my mom. One day he’d say she was the best thing that happened to him but then there would be days he would bad mouth her…show more content…
I felt like I needed some time for myself. Try to figure out who I am and what I want in life. I think the timing for my decision was right on point because I was about to find out the biggest news. My mom had once again left to Peru and this time my aunt Maria had traveled with her as well as my aunt Carmen (their other sister). Something was up and my sister and I felt it. Before my mom had left she was being suspicious in the house like getting phone calls late at night and trying to hide her conversations from us. My aunts were acting suspicious as well. We didn’t know she was leaving to Peru until the day off and she didn’t want to tell us when she was returning. Since we accepted her leaving to Peru numerous times she would always tell us when she was leaving and when she would return. This time was different and I didn’t understand why. We would ask our aunts and they would simply reply with “I don’t know”. My sister kept calling Peru to try to find out what our mom was up too. No one wanted to tell us anything. They wanted to hide it so hard from us. My aunt Maria finally gave in and told us our mom was getting married to a man we never heard or even met of. It was happening that exact moment as we were being told about it. What is wrong with this damn family!! Keeping something like that from us! Her fucking children for goodness sake! Are we not entitled to know this huge news?! How could she keep us in the dark…show more content…
He made me realize that you only get one mom and she’s isn 't always going to be there forever. I understand she has caused pained in my life but I am able to get past it and accept to love her. I always felt like I shouldn 't because she didn 't deserve it. My mom is the type of person who doesn 't apologize for her actions and I have learned to live with that because life is too short to hold a grudge against someone close to your heart. I love my mom no matter what she has put me through. She always made sure to take care of us the times we 've gotten sick, made sure there was food for us to eat, made sure we had a roof over our head even when times got rough. She wasn’t the best mom and she might not know everything about me but we get along and have a good relationship and that’s all that matters

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