Personal Narrative Essay: What Am I Doing With My Life

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“Hold on,” I told him while I exit the bathroom.
I was through the bedroom door when I stopped midway as soon as a thought hit me. How do I give him the food exactly? I cautiously walked back in and talked to the wind, “Uhm, hello? Ghosty boy? Are you there?”
“You’re talking to me right?” The voice answered.
“Uh, yes.” I paused and stared at the floor, “How do I give you the food?”
“Well,” He paused like he was in thought. “I actually tried to kick a tiny hole at the corner of the wall. If it’s okay, could you please look at it and tell me if you see it?” He asked with a kind and calming voice.
I searched the bathroom for the hole he was referring to. I examined the whole wall on the side he was in. I looked at it from top to bottom and from
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I’m no engineer and I’m definitely not good at fixing equipment, so breaking something was an equivalent to that which I can’t do. I eventually ended up with a hammer in hand. I tiptoed through the house, quietly so I wouldn’t wake up my mother. The clock read 1:30. Seriously, what am I doing with my life?
I opened the fridge and got a variety of choices. I had spaghetti, pork chop, uncooked SPAM, and a whole bunch more. But none of them I believe would fit through the hole presented to me. Even though I do find the impossible strength to break it, I don’t think I would be able to make it large enough to fit a whole darn plate inside. And to consider the other factor, my mother would eventually kill me if she sees I made an enormous hole in the bathroom wall.
I explored through the snack box and got probably the most decent answer I could find. I took three packs of Skyflakes Crackers in my hand while I held onto the hammer with the other. I pressed a bottle of water in between my armpit as well if ever that helps in comforting the random dude. I found my way to tiptoe up the staircase and back into the
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I just needed to call for somebody’s attention.” His voice faded, “I just didn’t want to die.”
I remained silent when he replied. His voice sounded so fearful that even I was scared for him.
My eyes suddenly felt heavier and heavier as the minutes ticked. I could feel my eyes dropping from how tired I was. It wasn’t till he called my attention when I realized I had fallen asleep. “Hello??? Are you still there?”
“Wh- Uh- Yes, yes. Sorry.”
“Did you fell asleep?”
“I- Uhm—“
“Oh, goodness, what time is it?” He sounded disappointed in himself, “I didn’t know, I’m sorry, please take a rest now. I wouldn’t be making anymore noises from now on. I’m so sorry.”
“Aww, please stop saying sorry.” I swallowed my guilt, “It’s almost two a.m.”
“Oh dear, go to bed now. I’ll be here by tomorrow.”
“I’m so sorry. I’ve been up all night reviewing and I have a quiz tomorrow.” I slowly sat up, “I’ll be back tomorrow, I promise. Mind telling me about yourself when I come back home from school?”
“Most certainly.” His voice was so soothing that instead of feeling frightened about our situation, I felt safe. “Good Night, uhm—“
“—Eleanor” I continued.
“Good Night, Eleanor.”
“And you?”
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