Personal Narrative Essay: Too Good To Be True

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Too Good To Be True If something sounds too good to be true is usually is too good to be true. My husband and I were recently approached and offered a living arrangement that sounded perfect, to my husband anyway. I was a little skeptical but my husband was able to convince me that it was the best possible scenario for our family. About two years ago my step father-in-law decided that he wanted to complete the rest of his career overseas. This was a minimum ten year venture for him. My mother-in-law was concerned about living on her own and maintaining her large home, pool, and the land that she lived on. She knew my husband and I were going to have to help her with the upkeep. We only live a few miles from her, but with two children, a home of our own, owning a business and myself working full time, it was going to…show more content…
All furniture except bedroom suites was sold. We sold some on craigslist, had three yard sales, and the donated the remaining items to habitat for humanity. We readied our home and listed the home for rent. We had a tenant lined up within three days. We packed what was left and moved in to my mother-in-law’s home. Everything went well or about a year and a half we got along wonderful. My mother-in-law being a teacher at the local high school was such a great help in transporting the children to school. I made sure dinner was cooked each evening and the house was cleaned up. On the weekends you would find al five of us working in the yard together and enjoying the pool on hot afternoons. The five of us got along well. The living arrangement worked out great. The first summer there my step father-in-law came home for summer break for about six weeks. During that time he and my mother-in-law vacationed on the west coast for a couple of weeks. When they returned my husband and I took out children on vacation. The amount of time that all six of us Lollis
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