Personal Narrative Essay: The Speck Of The World

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Earth a place where we can all call home, a world in which we all want a piece. It’s a vast world, ignore the propaganda spread by Disney, expect the part about world peace. This world that we must share doesn’t treat us all the same. The world is full of people who we must interact with, co-exist with, obey, and idolize. The vastness and perspectival influence of the world affect everyone differently. The world I can from modeled me like a blacksmith. At times it hit me hard, but it was to make me tough. I was given details, and scars. My speck of the world gave me my desires, my faults, my dreams, and nightmares. Also it gave me a personality and mentality thats adaptive, egotistical, and hunger. A hunger that could not be filled with all…show more content…
It was up to my absolute freedom to pick my own personality, and presentation. I decide what to pick by what I saw. I was raise in a place some people would consider the hood, me it was called home. Yes, my neighbor does sell drugs and has been behind bars. We were once robbed when I was around the age of eight. The sirens are heard more in my street then in the other neighborhoods, something I didn’t notice till someone pointed it out to me. I didn’t have a hard time believing people were shot outside my house. The Los Angeles Times has ranked Inglewood the 40th most deadly neighborhood out of L.A. County 's 270 neighborhoods. A dynamic change from its neighbor the west and east, Westchester ranked 134th and Watts ranked 2nd. Even with all the discomfort and havoc, I have never felt scared or anxious from this place I call home. I did however, has a harder time believing I live a few blocks away from a place where championships where won, where history was made, where legends would shoot hoops. My home gives me hope. If people I admire like Kanye West, Anthony Davis, and Kendrick Lamar came from neighborhoods that are rougher then the one I was raised in, then I have a everything I need to make a name for

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