Personal Narrative Essay: The Second Week Of My Life

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It was the second week of summer and everything was normal as always. Normal restaurant, normal food, normal day, normal life. I wasn’t expecting anything to occur because if I expect something to happen it never happens because that is the rule of my life. However, that day was special because I was out of my house with my family and that doesn’t happen often. It was really weird being outside of my house because I don’t really like to be around many people in one place, but I had to make an effort to be around my family members. For some reason I had a bad feeling about the place and time we were at that moment because when I was eating my food my stomach started to hurt a little, it was like it was trying to tell me something. A few minutes…show more content…
Like I said before, I don’t like to be around many people in one place either being asked about things that I wanted to forget. The room was filled with cameras, reporters and eminent lights around me; like I was a sublime super star. I was irritated and mad with all these people around me and asking irrelevant questions that didn’t have nothing to do with topic. Finally, one of the reporters asked me a question that I couldn’t answer “How do you feel about the plight that your family is in right now?”, I didn’t understand what he was saying. Then, he asked me again in a different way, “How do you feel about the threats that your family is getting from the thieves that couldn’t be captured?”. I asked myself, “Why they didn’t being captured yet?.” I was mad and pensive, I couldn 't believe that the police couldn’t capture them. I wanted to get out of the hospital, I wanted to get up and leave the place, but I couldn’t and I blamed all these people coming here. I looked straight at one of the cameras, I imagined to punch it, instead the lens of the camera broke. I thought it was just coincidence, then I tried to do it with another camera; and it happened again. Finally, I decided to break all the lens of the cameras so I did. I was happy for my achievement; however, when the…show more content…
For example, my older brother and my mom used to badger me all the time because I didn’t have a “Life”, now they stopped their nagging and they live their lives pleasantly. I thought that I had my life back, but I was wrong again because the Restart-day made things different for me and my family. After a few days of my release from the hospital, my family and I were leaving from the movie theater; we watched a movie about serious content, but it was meant to be travesty. In our way to the parking lot a car stops in front of us and there guys comes from it with guns. They started to point at us and yelling to get down on the floor, in less of 5 seconds I read their minds and found out that they are the same men who attacked the restaurant. Also, one of them is 19 years old and he was the one who didn’t shoot me. The middle age man was the one who shoot me and the other man was in his late 20’s. They were family, but I still didn’t understand why they are still attacking

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