Personal Narrative Essay: The Ordinary World

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The Ordinary World It was a cold winter’s morning it was October 30th, tomorrow was Halloween. I attempted to look out of the window of my room but the cold, from outside created fog making it difficult for me to see. I prepared my school bag and headed out. As I stepped outside into the frigid glacial air, I felt the cold ooze into my body chilling my bones which forced me to quiver. I exhaled and watched my breath turn silvery. I looked down the sidewalk and saw Griffin walking towards me. “Morning.” I said acknowledging the tremble in my voice “Morning Hector, Are you alright?” “”Yeah I’m fine, it’s just the weather.” “It freezing” We walked to school chatting and gossiping about people as usual. Call To Adventure & Refusal of the Call We came across the abandoned school that we walked by every day, but for some reason today it looked more frightening that it did the day before. We always heard stories about the house but none of the stories were believable. It was just something about the way it looked. The rusty metal gate made creaking sounds whenever it was touched. It was probably just me being paranoid because Halloween was tomorrow. I never believed any of those stupid superstitions. Superstitions like fear of the unknown. It was all just a load of bull to me. The myth about Halloween was that it was day where souls of dead people are believed to come back to Earth. Although I didn’t believe in the Halloween myth, stories of…show more content…
We walked home together and we pledged to never do anything that we were unsure about or that was unsafe ever again. Atonement & Return with elixir The road back was dark and gloomy but this time I led the way and walked with my back straight with a feeling of self-confidence. They dropped me of home first as a sign of respect and thankfulness. Walking into the house and laying on the bed feeling as though I had accomplished something was something I had never felt before.
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