Personal Narrative Essay: The Midnight Hike

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The Midnight Hike
Out of the 12 months of the year, students basically only have about two months to have fun and not worry about school. As a teenager, you do things without predicting the outcome. We tend to not always listen to our parents and sometimes end up in terrible situations. It was late in the afternoon when my family and I arrived at our summer vacation destination, Garner State Park. Garner is one of the best and well known places in Texas to go overnight camping, hiking, and swimming. The main attraction of the park is the Frio River which flows through one side of the entire park. While on the other side, it is nothing but the wilderness. There is also a huge mountain with several trails and a couple of caves that people can
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It took about an hour to climb to the top of the mountain because the higher we got, the steeper it was and the more challenging it got to climb because of the loose gravel and rocks. Once we reached the top of the mountain we sat down on the floor to eat some hot Cheetos and drink some of our Gatorade. After catching our breath, we began to take pictures and we saw a skunk on the opposite side of the mountain away from the park. We had never seen a skunk before so we were eager to take a picture with it. As we began our journey down towards the skunk, there was a huge rock on the edge of the mountain that I wanted to stand on and take a picture so that I could capture the beautiful scenery in the background. Smiley wanted to take the same picture as well but when he stood on the rock, it tilted over and rolled down the mountain along with my brother. He was holding the lantern when he fell so I no longer had any light. The only light source available was the screen on my phone and the flash on the camera. The first thing I did was take a picture of the bottom of the mountain to see where my brother was at. To his luck, he only suffered a broken leg. So he wouldn’t think about the pain,

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