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The Importance of Positive Thinking "WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR THINKING, you change your beliefs; when you change your beliefs, you change your expectations; when you change your expectations, you change your attitude; when you change your attitude, you change your behavior; when you change your behavior, you change your performance; when you change your performance, YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE." Rob Geis I passionately believe that people can make what they want out of their lives. Since I begain high school, I have been preaching to other students about positive thinking, and how it can change a person's life. I have helped many students develop a more accurate self-concept. I have explained to students how the brain works, how to set goals, simple relaxation techniques, how to use creative imagination, and how to eliminate stress. Despite the negative circumstances that we all face, there are many positive aspects of all our lives. All we have to do to be happy is focus more of our attention on the positive than on the negative. My beliefs in this area are not unfounded. There are many books written on this subject that give factual evidence that the way we think profoundly affects our lives. I am currently working with several high school faculty members to implement my class lesson plans into several classes already offered at the high school. I am very excited about my progress thus far, and hope to see some of my ideas become reality soon. My ultimate goal is to motivate more students to realize their full potential.