Personal Narrative Essay: The Hardest Physical Task Of My Life

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I was fourteen when I faced the hardest physical task of my life. It was a sunny and hot April day during my freshman track season where I had some terrible fate. Mrs.Stauffer forgot to put me on the line up for the meet so I quickly ran to her and asked her to put me on. She was very stressed, so she shooed me away and told me to talk to Coach Boham. I spent fifteen minutes running around to try to find him . When I finally found him, I asked him to put me in some events. I was a distance runner, I enjoyed long distance and cross country. However, in the beginning of track season I was a scared little freshman, so when all my friends went to sprints so did I. I did not want to be the only freshman in distance how embarrassing! So by my dumb…show more content…
When I got there I did not see any other girls over there. They called the first heat for the 400 meters. The first heat is seniors and state runners, obviously not freshman who suck. I started to walk away and the person calling the meet told me to come back. I explained to him I'm a freshman and can not go in the first heat. He told me I had to because no one else was going. In that moment I knew this was going to be very terrible. Evidently the race started and 200 meters in I was so behind. I feel like I could not breathe. Many thoughts were passing through my head like faking passing out or maybe dying. I finished dead last and was so embarrassed. My coach was dumb mad they put me in the first heat. I was upset because I never got last and especially since all my friends were there.Many of my track friends came up to me and told me not to worry because I was only a freshman and I could not compete with them. I’m not even sure if that's what they said, I blocked out everything to just focus on my embarrassment and anger. I was internally dying. How did this happen to me? Why me? Call me an overdramatic teenager but in that moment disappearing seemed like a great
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