Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day Of My Life

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My family and I have very humble beginnings, we did not own much. In school, I was never the prettiest, best dressed, nor the funniest girl in school. Yet, since a young age I recall standing out for one reason, I was the smartest person in the grade. My teachers would honor my grades by awarding me with a medal of excellence in front the entire grade school. I remember going through my entire wardrobe trying to find the sharpest outfit, for the next day I would be walking across an enormous stage to received my award.
Though, my happiness did not last long, my parents soon gave me the news we would be moving to Mexico. I feared the day we would be moving, for I knew my life would change completely and never would it be the same again. I did not take me long to realize I was right. That summer our family spent the entire time packing, moving, and unpacking our belongings. The worst part was our home being in a ranch, we had no neighbors living with a five-minute drive of us. I thought I could perhaps get to know someone before school started, but I was wrong.
The memory of the first day of school in Mexico comes next to my mind. I was standing in front of a mirror wearing a white blouse, red skirt, high socks and black dress shoes, the schools uniform. How bad can this be? I am a bright girl, right? I can do this. I stood immobile at the
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Thus, I decided to ask my teacher for help or tutorials if possible. Contrary to my belief, the teacher turned me down and said I could figure it out on my own As soon as I got home from the what seemed like the longest first day of school, I uncontrollably started crying and begging my mom. “I want to back,” I yelled at her. “I hate it here and everyone hates me too! The teacher will not even help me! You knew I did not even speak full Spanish!”. I kept repeating to my mom as if I could convince her that moving here was the poorest
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