Personal Narrative Essay: The Final Straw?

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The Final Straw
It was the end of the school year, and I was sitting in the gym at senior honors night waiting to receive my awards. I started to think back to everything I had done over the years. It began to sadden me as I thought of ninth grade, and how much I didn’t care. I only wanted to party, have fun, sleep in class, and not pay attention. I had also engraved in my head that high school wasn’t important that my grades didn’t matter because the only thing that will count is what I do in college. However, I was wrong and for me to get into college they looked at everything I’d done in high school. I didn’t do as well in school, because my family infuriated me, they always compared me to my cousin and wanted me to be just like her, a straight A student. “[But] branch isn’t better than that one, only different, and each one has the potential to grow in its own special way,” (Bain 119). I
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I was extremely proud of myself. One day I had went to the counselor’s office to discuss my grades. My counselor told me, “if you continue to do well with your grades this year and make all A’s next year then you should be on your way to become a honor graduate and you’ll be receiving hope as well.” I was so excited to hear that. Being an honor graduate means that you are smart. I continued to do well during my junior year and I done even better during my senior year.
As senior year went by, I remember I was sitting in the lunch room with one of my best friends, Racheal. “I wonder if I will be an honor graduate,” I said. “Take your GPA and add the grades you have made this year and divide them by the number of classes you have taken,” she explained. So I done it and my answer was a ninety-two point something. I let Racheal do it as well to see if we got the same answer, she did. It made me feel good on the inside to know, “hey, you just reached a goal that you set for yourself, which wasn’t an easy goal to
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