Personal Narrative Essay: The Fear Of My Mother

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My mom is very strict and growing up none of my family, including my dad, tried to disobey or upset her. When I was living at home, I was extremely afraid of my mother. Before I did anything, thoughts like, Will she get mad? Will I get caught? went through my mind for hanging out with my friends after school or going to 7-11 on my way home with people. I love my mom and I’m not in constant fear of her hiding in a corner, but since my mom was to such a degree, me and my brothers never did crazy things and rarely acted up. Winter break of my senior year, my mom allowed me to sleepover at my friend’s, Joanna’s, place. In the past, she would claim how she doesn’t trust other parents rejecting my request to sleepover other places. She only let…show more content…
The old, light brown Toyota car, year model between in late 1900s to early 2000s, was parked next to the sidewalk and under our basketball hoop. I was rushing out the house with my suitcase and my mom trailing behind me. I was hoping if we leave right away she wouldn’t find out. Joanna’s mom and mom’s boyfriend got out of the car right away to greet me and my mom, Joanna got out soon after to make sure my mom didn’t know where we were going. To my advantage, Joanna’s mom and mom’s boyfriend aren’t fluent in English. The boyfriend told my mom, “Don’t worry I will keep your daughter safe. I drive safe to…show more content…
The place had no cell service, but free wifi. I was unable to receive text message or phone calls from my parents, but I was able to go on Instagram and like pictures, which I was trying to use to calm myself down. All night I was unable to sleep. At one point, I even began to cry while my friend was asleep and began to pray to God for forgiveness. I just wanted to be home with my mom. On top of this I felt a sore throat coming, which sucked the rest of the fun out of the situation. The next morning I was anxiously waiting to finally return home. My friend’s mom and her boyfriend were taking their time with breakfast and gambling, in my mind they were taking

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