Personal Narrative Essay: The Dream Of The World

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I had no fight left in me. All I could do was to let death overcome me. I looked up to the stars and tried to find something. Anything. But there was nothing. The bright stars that were light years away could do nothing to save me. I was insignificant and would never be found. I closed my eyes, never planning to open them again. And then I heard the horn. Little pieces of colored paper exploded from the can, covering the carpeted floor. My sister rushed to the record player and turned it on. Duke Ellington’s “Take the A Train” poured from the speakers. My mother and father came up to me to congratulate me. “Oh, honey, we’re so proud of you! We knew you could do it!” My mother and father hugged me. Before I was squeezed to death they…show more content…
I don’t know why I was contemplating anything because I made up my mind years ago. My brown curls whipped at my face as the wind swirled around me. Clouds moved with me as I twisted and turned around in the air. My screams of joy were drowned out by the loud rotating propeller. Trees and house the sizes of ants passed below me as a bright blue sky stood in front of me. Nothing made me happier than flying. I pushed on my rudders and initiated the landing gear. I swiftly grounded the small airplane and jumped out of the fuselage. I took off my brown leather cap and stood in front on my plane. The plane was almost eight feet off the ground, about two and a half feet taller than me. Her name was Whirlwind. She was a compact little plane that did anything and everything I wanted. I bought her after my competition in Hawaii. I participated in a contest to fly from Hawaii to Seattle. The first person to get to Seattle won a lot of money. I can’t even remember the amount. Well, it was enough to buy a two-passenger plane. I started walking from my plane when paparazzi crowded me and took pictures of me. Flashes blinded me as I tried to make my way through them to the garage. I about nearly ran into a concrete wall because they wouldn’t move. I dashed into the garage to avoid the onslaught. Man were they annoying and

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