Personal Narrative Essay: The Aspects Of Working From Home

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My home is three things: my sanctuary, my office, and my yoga studio.

Yes, I work from home, but, before you go into the standard response I always get of, “You're SO lucky!” please know this: working from home requires serious discipline—discipline that I didn't always have.

True, I don't have to punch a time card, sit in rush hour traffic, or even put on pants if I don't want to, but I do have to show up and motivate myself every. single. day. And truth be told, that can be hard to do.

I've always been a yogi, but when I started working from home this year I found my dedication to my practice slipping. I wasn't heading to my mat regularly, my days were without structure, and while I didn't immediately realize it, this was effecting me
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But, rather than roll my mat up and throw it into my closet I came back, day after day. Sometimes for just a 15 minute practice, and sometimes for an hour. By the end of the month my crow pose was no longer a near face-plant into the mat—proof that patience and perseverance prevail.

It's Ok To Take a Break

For some reason, as soon as I sat down with my computer to work, I wouldn't get up from it—all day. I no longer took the 1-hour long lunch breaks I used to get, and I no longer had coworkers to have brief chats with, or brainstorms with. Somedays really had me feeling a bit stir crazy, and staring at a screen for hours on end became torturous.

So, like on my mat when I would come back to my breath, or stay an extra five minutes in Savasana, I allowed myself to take breaks here, too. Not only did I deserve them—I still work a full 8 hour day—I needed them, too. So, I let go of the guilt of disconnecting. I turned off my phone and shut down my computer for an hour and took some much needed time
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Doing yoga for the first week of my challenge in the basement wasn't ideal, but moving up to the bright and sunny living room made it much more enjoyable.

Similarly, most mornings, before I had a home office I worked from either the kitchen table, or the couch. Aside from feeling ache-y from sinking into the couch cushions all day, I felt a serious lack of motivation. This is where I used to come to relax and unwind when I'd get home from an actual office, it wasn't an environment that was conducive to good work (or good posture).

My home office was a long work in progress. I demoed it myself, which made it take even longer. When it was finally finished, I realized that much like how the dark basement affected my headspace for practice, my lack-of-office environment had effected my headspace for work.

I filled my new office with creativity and color. I added crystals to my desk, paintings and photos to my walls, and candles all throughout. These things made me happy. They made me feel inspired, ready to work, and they made my office a place I wanted to
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