Personal Narrative Essay: The 11th Day Of September, 2001

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The 11th day of September, 2001 was not just any ordinary day. It was an annihilating day for both me and my country. That day symbolized the burial of my grandfather, who died the week prior. My grandfather, played a fundamental role in my life. He encouraged me both spiritually and educationally. This is also the day that the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda decided to attack the United States. They achieved the attack, though the hijacking of four planes; this caused the complete destruction of the Twin Towers (North and South) of the World Trade Center located in New York City. The terrorist group was also responsible for the partial collapse of the Pentagon. They did, however fail in their attempt on attacking the United States…show more content…
It was the first time I ever rode in one so I wanted to make the experience a memorable one. That’s why I decided to ride in the passenger seat in the front with the driver, and not in the back with the rest of the family. While riding down the road, the driver turned on the radio station. This was the moment when I first heard the announcement of planes crashing into the Twin Towers. At this time, both the north and south towers of The World Trade Center had collapsed. There was no mention of a terrorist attack at this time, I did not hear about that part until later that day when we got home and saw it on the news. The vehicle was quite at this time, I think we were all in shock and disbelief. I remember seeing the driver have tears that dripped down his face. I really didn’t know the significance of the Twin Towers at the time, or why would anyone want to attack New York City. All I knew was that the person on the radio keep saying airplanes full of people crashed into the Twin Towers. When we got to the repast, everyone was talking about what happened, and their version of what they heard off of the radio. Some people were saying it was a plane that crashed into the World Trade Center, others were saying that it was a bombing. There were many different versions of what actually happened, floating around the room. There were so many different stories, until I started to
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