Personal Narrative Essay: Struggle With Early Literacy

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Struggling with Early Literacy Early literacy has been one of the obstacles my family has gone through and growing up as the oldest of five children there were many things to fix around the house before practicing on reading and writing skills. Both of my parents had the same struggle with literacy because they had to learn English before one them can teach us reading or writing. Early literacy for me was challenging. I started to learn reading and writing at age six. I still remember students from school would make fun by not knowing how to read, but they never knew I was struggling with both English and Spanish reading and writing. My parents are both from Guatemala; they came to the U.S at a very young age. My father was the only one to go to school. My mother did not attend school because it was difficult by her immigration status. When I was little, Spanish was not my mother's first language, so when she wanted to help me with reading and to write in English, she had a difficult time. My mother taught me reading and writing in the Mayan language. My father only taught me reading and writing one hour per week. Whenever my father was through showing me an hour of writing and reading, I had to explain the same lesson to my younger…show more content…
Whenever I started at Jones Junior College, I did not know how literacy is still important that made me want to learn more. Since enrolled in college, I want to further my literacy. I want to help Hispanic children that do not have the requirements in early reading and writing. While improving my skills in literacy, I would like to work for the laurel Hispanic community. Teaching families English reading and writing, so parents and children would change their views on literacy. I also know that by improving my skills in literacy at Jones Junior College will help me through my job to become a dental
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