Personal Narrative Essay: Personal Aspects Of A Friend With Mathew

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Last weekend I spent my day with my friend named Mathew. I’ve known Mathew since freshmen year, we became close middle of the year. His a good friend of mine, he seems nice, quiet, and it seems like he has a happy family. But getting to know him more and more, I found out a lot of things about him. Furthermore, Mathew is that type of person who has a lot of dreams and goals that he wants to accomplish. And one of his goals is to finish high school but he has some problems with that. He is always distracted with his other friends, some of his friends told him to don’t worry about school because school is not important for them. Mathew thought right away, that he picked some bad people as a friend. Mathew didn’t really care at first though because he thought they were just playing around, and he hang out with them a lot of times.…show more content…
He started to write about his life when he had a lot of problems that he couldn’t fix. One of them was that his mother doesn’t trust him anymore, since his friend thought him how to lie. The first time he lied to his mother, his mother knew Mathew was lying to her. After a month later his mom found out that Mathew wasn’t going to school, she found out he was hanging out with his friends instead of going to school. His mother also found out that his grades in school is low and that his been absent a lot of times. Mathew’s mom was trying to talk to him but at that time he didn’t listen to her, he was just ignoring her, he was being disrespectful to her. One day Mathew decided to leave the house and stayed at his friend’s house. He didn’t tell anyone where he was going. His mom thought he was just going to leave one day since they both had a fight. But one day became one month, his mother was worried about him, she didn’t know what to do, she decides to go get him at his friend’s house. His mom found out that he was drinking and

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