Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Myself

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My Trip To Myself I have been traveling for a while now. My family and I go visit Mexico almost every summer ever since I can remember. We go to Mexico usually to visit my family and to just relax and have a fun time. However one summer when I went to Mexico a lot of things happened that made an impact on my life. I experienced new things that I had never experienced before. These events have helped me to grow up , have a different view on things, and to become more responsible. Two years ago around May, my grandpa from my mom’s side had become very ill. So my parents had decided that my mom would go to Mexico and check up on him and his family, while the rest of us would stay a bit longer to finish up school and take care of some business before we went. I had just finished taking all my final exams and I didn’t want my mom to travel by herself, so I asked my parents if I could go with my mom ahead to Mexico. They did not like the idea of me missing the rest of the school year, but I explained to them that it did not really matter because I had already taken all of my exams and there was only like a week or two left of school. So…show more content…
Once we finally arrived at the airport, we said our goodbyes to our family and went in to wait for our flight. Since this was my first time riding a plane I didn’t know anything. So when we had to put our bags on this unusual mechanical machine so it could be put underneath the plane, I did not know that we had to put our names on the bags. Duly, when we exited the plane I looked for my bag, but it was nowhere to be seen. So we asked the people working there if they had seen my bag, but they responded that they had not seen it, so I believe that someone stole it. My parents told me that I should have been more responsible and taken better care of my things. Ever since then I have made sure to be more responsible and take care of my
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