Personal Narrative Essay: My Personal Experience In The Terms Of Time Management

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1847 words

When I first signed up for this class, I thought that it would be easy since it was a summer course. This was somewhat the case. The class overall was not hard but there was a lot of assignments to keep up with. When I first started my summer courses I had trouble managing my time and completing my assignments in a reasonable time. As the semester came to an end, I believe that I have grown in terms of time management. I still procrastinate sometimes on little things but not as much as I did in the beginning. I am happy that I learned so many great writing tips so early on in my college career so that it can help me further down the road.

My favorite essay was the creative writing essay. When I first took a look at the class syllabus and saw that I would be doing a creative writing essay I was pretty nervous. I have never seriously done one and did not think that I …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that when they first signed up for this class, they thought it would be easy since it was a summer course. the class overall was not hard, but there were assignments to keep up with.
  • Describes how their favorite essay was the creative writing essay. they liked the writing assignment because it took them the least amount of time.
  • Opines that their least favorite essay would have to be the research paper. before this assignment, they thought they had it in the bag in terms of their direction and everything they wanted to say.
  • Opines that the essay that they are most proud of would have to be their personal narrative essay.
  • Explains that they've gotten better with grammar and creative sentence structures, despite procrastinating. they finished their creative writing assignment way before it was due and finished other assignments with considerable time left.
  • Opines that they are happy with the outcome of their papers and the grades they received on them.
  • Explains that their grammar and punctuation skills have improved a lot during the semester. they use scholarly words that better fit their level of writing.
  • Opines that if they could change anything about their writing, the main thing they would change is their style.
  • Describes how they learned how to correctly cite a webpage, book, and article. the course was fast-paced but felt slow.

I have lived with the secret of being in foster care since I was twelve and I feel relieved that I was finally able to share my story with someone who does not already know it. It is actually funny when I think about it. I shared this personal part of my life with a complete stranger who I have never had the opportunity of meeting, yet I have friends that I have known for years that I still haven 't told. Although this essay was seen by one person, if I were to rewrite it and publish it, my target audience would be foster children who too may be going through a rough time in their life. When I was first placed into foster care, I did not think I had anyone. I was depressed and alone (or so I thought). The message I want to send to the people who read this is believe in your dreams. I would not be where I am today if I listened to the number of people who told me I could not do this or that. I am not saying I am perfect because I am not but as my essay said, “There is only one way to go, and that way is

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