Personal Narrative Essay: My Memorable Drowning Moment

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My Memorable Drowning Moment
Today, for my personal development, my mind slipped back to the summer I learned to swim in deep water. In the summer 1963, I loved to hang with my friends on the weekend at a swimming pool in my town. I was a boy – maybe fourteen-years-old, and Joan was my girl companion. My memorable drowning story shows how obstacles can be overcome, fears can be strengths, and sometimes an accident becomes an opportunity. It’s a story that changed my belief: “If you believe that anything is possible, there are amazing adventures awaiting you.”
I had deep-water phobia because I had a mind-set that the water would choke my throat, and I might die under water. At this point she remarked to me, “If you want my loving attention,
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And so, Joan was really sweet and paid attention to me from the beginning. Joan got in the water with me and promised that she would swim right alongside of me. Finally, on the last day, Joan said, “Today is the day I want you to swim across the pool all by yourself. I’ll stand right over there. And I promise, if you get into trouble, I will jump in that water and bring you to the side. Will you try?
When I hit the water, my first reaction was to begin dog-paddling. But I heard Joan’s voice, and I saw her standing across the pool. “You can do it!” she yelled. I began to kick my legs as I had been taught, and I slowly began to breathe as I stretched out my arms, cupped the water, and began to swim. Thanks to Joan, I had done it.
My memorable drowning incident will always be an experience I will never forget. From this experience I also learned to never give up on the things I want to do. I remember how Joan was there to help me on swimming in deep water. I may have been fourteen years old, but I decided to overcome the barriers of deep water. In addition, I believed in myself that I could master my swimming skills. I often visited the swimming pool and developed my skills with different styles: butterfly, dog and frog. Great wonder, joyfulness and excitement replaced my deep-water

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