Personal Narrative Essay: My Loving Trip To Disneyland

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My Loving Trip to Disneyland FINAL My trip to Disneyland was fun because ,we rode roller coasters my whole family was there and plus my mom told me to go on my own ,and there and it was so much that’s when I got my first phone and I started to cry. The trip to Disneyland was fun we my family laughed, and played. We had a lot of fun was there and they came all the way from Phoenix, Arizona and they are from the southwestern area in Phoenix. So first we went to Castle Park and then Disneyland I want to go there again Disneyland was so much fun and they both are really fun and we all got Starbucks coffee. I LOVED it because it was so much fun. Disneyland, but the sad part was, was leaving the park and we all took pictures and went back to…show more content…
I was so rejoiced because we were at Disney land for the first time I have ever been there. Then my mom commanded me to go to bed and watch TV then I fell asleep and woke up in the afternoon and my mom went to go get breakfast. Then my sister and I had to get up and walk across the street because the motel was just across the street but we the food was so good. I had really loved that place. I had demanded my mom to go to the Disneyland store. But then I had told her that we needed some happy memories to bring home to my papa and show him so we did and he cried but we have also had more memories and I got a bunch of pins for helping the place like getting dressed up for a frozen play I was Elsa and then it snowed fake snow I loved it but it kept hurting my eyes because they also had the fog kept getting into my lungs. I had the BEST time of our lives. I had whispered to my mom “I need to tell you something” she said “what I am going to take a nap” I said “Ok mommy have a nice nap I will tell you when you wake up “I love you mommy”. I said so she woke up and I told her I was hungry she said really it was that important. And then my mom got mad and went back to sleep it was kind of funny though. And my mom said that they had to go to and eat dog food because they had a dog so it was cute. I had so much fun that day I got to ride one more roller coaster the mad hatter it is a type of roller coaster that scares people. My passion is the roller coasters and the food it’s always going to be the food I loved the salads. And being there with my

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