Personal Narrative Essay: My Journey To Theatre

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My journey into theatre was like Alice’s falling down the rabbit hole, slowly but sudden. It started with my attraction to visual storytelling; when reading, words peeled off the page and became images, transforming words into reality. This is not unlike a designer’s job in theatre -- turning plays into tangible worlds, even when they take place in a distant galaxy or down a rabbit hole. Upon visiting New York University’s design department, I paid close attention to the students’ work, I was impressed by the extreme attention to even the most minute details. Not only the work itself, but the resources, the ability to collaborate and learn from working professionals in the design field. It was a dream. Additionally, though surely ubiquitous in “why NYU”…show more content…
It has magic to it, distinct from any other visual medium, spurring from the idea that if you went onstage you could touch the elements and they would be real. To fix this I volunteered my time working as a dramaturg and production assistant for Dog Fight with Fifth Floor theatre. In this exciting new role, I was able to further develop my research skills. This is crucial as design without research might create something beautiful but lacking depth. From here I started working as a production assistant for the immersive show Then She Fell, where I found my niche, in immersive theatre, or as some passions happen, it found me. I worked as part of their stage management team. The company Third Rail Projects has shown a trust in me to work on their other projects since I’ve worked in helping them set up for one of their newer shows called Behind the City. These experiences cemented the idea of what I wish to do in my life. Yet, I feel I need to expand my knowledge in regard to this passion, to work in theatre. Through grad school I can improve my skills as a designer for

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