Personal Narrative Essay: My First Experience Going To College

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701 words

My first experience going to college didn’t go as planned as my dreams of becoming a professional fell from grace when I couldn’t find my car. I have been to campus so many times before. The first time, in fact, was only to ask for information. Then; I had to come to take an English proficiency test since I didn’t go to school in the United States. Another day; I’ve come to show that I knew my numbers, not to mention to prove my residency in order to get in-state tuition. I have lost count how many times I have actually come to campus before classes even began. Every time I did so it was on my husband’s shiny bright new car, a car that I was not allowed to be inside if I was not on the passenger’s seat. So every time we would come to MDC I

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how their first experience going to college didn't go as planned as their dreams of becoming a professional fell from grace. they have been to campus so many times before.
  • Explains that they were not allowed to drive their husband's shiny bright new car if they weren't on the passenger seat. they knew how to sort out the confusing concrete maze that got them from the 7o'clock class to the 8:15 class.
  • Narrates how they survived the morning traffic and made it to the corner of killian drive and south west 113 where the huge gray maze was.
  • Narrates how they scouted for their lost car for at least one hour, thought about asking for help to security, but couldn't bare their embarrassment. they failed college on their first day of class.
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