Personal Narrative Essay: My First Electric Guitar

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My First Electric Guitar Picking up a guitar and diving into the never ending journey of of learning to play shaped my outlook on life forever. I learned how to better myself for myself without having to cash a paycheck to justify my efforts. It all started when my dad convinced me to get out of my comfort zone by jumping right into something I wasn't too sure about. When I was 11, my family and I went on a somewhat routine trip to go and see my aunt and uncles on my mom's side of the family in Wichita. At the time i was absolutely obsessed with mario on my gameboy and a playlist that my dad had burned onto a cd for me. It had red hot chili peppers, the killers, Beatles, and a few other age appropriate top 50 type songs. I've always had a love for listening to music, but it always seemed so…show more content…
The store was very small with only two small pathways to walk between the shelves and walls that were totally crowded with guitars. They were hung up in a way that if you bumped into one of the guitars it would hit another guitar and that one would hit the next as if they were dominoes. After looking through the entire store my dad asked me which one I liked the most. I stalled and told him I wasn't done looking, quickly looking for the lowest price I could find. I finally found a Epiphone les Paul melody maker. It looked all right to me; I could definitely tell it was cheap though. My dad picked it up and smiled,” Ohh, so you're a les Paul guy. Here try this”. He grabbed a sunburst les Paul studio (this time it was a Gibson) and set it in my lap. The very first thing I did was look at the price tag. $1099. It made me a little nervous to be holding something that costed so much and I was quick to hand it back to my dad. He seemed a little disappointed as he put the guitar back up in its slot. He wasn't disappointed in an angry way, but in a sad sort of

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