Personal Narrative Essay - My Experience

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The experience that I will discuss in this Personal Narrative is when I was about six years old and just learning how to ride a dirt-bike for the first time.It will tell you about how I almost died but learned a valuable lesson. Even though it didn 't really change the way that I ride or if I wear a helmet or not! So when I was about six years old I had gotten my very first dirt-bike.I was over-joyed because my father had just bought me a new 50cc honda motorsport, which was one of the best bikes at the time.When he bought me this I would always ask to go out and ride day and night even if it was pouring down rain or a hundred degrees outside.He would always tell me"no it 's too dangerous" and I would just sit there and just complain for the rest of the day. I had been waiting forever to ride after he bought me it, I always use to say "why did you even buy me it if I can 't ride it" to my dad just because I was mad.This usually just ended up in me getting sent to my room or him just saying I 'll sell it then. I really didn’t want him to sell it so I was usually quite after he threatened to sell my bike.Another thing he would also say is "you go get it then"but I was too weak to even lift up the garage door at that time.So I would just have to wait until he wanted to take me on a riding trip because he went on those frequently. One day he took my bike out of the garage though because he was about to go riding the next weekend, he had to get everything ready on his bike.Which this made me go ballistic because I had been wanting to go riding for ages at that point and he wasn’t going to even take me.So I kept on asking and asking if I could ride.Keeping in mind that one of the main reasons he was not letting... ... middle of paper ... ... scream or even cry which most kids do.I had just laid there quite and waited to get stitched up.While I was waiting though a lot of my family came to visit which was weird because half of them didn’t like each other.But most of them only stayed for about twenty minutes or so.Then my mom went to sign paperwork and I just sat there with my face all taped up and bloody. Once we got home I told her that I hadn 't put a helmet on and she got mad at my dad but I told her that it was my fault.But overall I didn 't get killed and it would only take a month or two to heal.But with this said you should always wear a helmet even if you don’t think you will get hurt.If you don’t you could end up in the hospital or worse!In the end, it can other help you to wear a helmet and the only bad thing that can happen from wearing one is that you might get a little sweaty!
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