Personal Narrative Essay: My Childhood Best Friend In High School

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Everyone has a childhood best friend, while I have not seen mine in about four years. I have known Jessica Turner since elementary school. Even though we went to different middle schools we still kept in touch by texting or even social media. When I was in high school my sophomore year I was walking to my mom’s work which is by the elementary school I used to go to. For some odd reason I walked in and that is when I saw her, my childhood friend Jessica sitting on a bench. She did not see me so I walked up to her and as soon as I got close to her she looked up and smiled at me and I smiled back. It felt like we talked for hours but it was only fifteen minutes. Later on her mom came and picked her up and we said our goodbyes. We hoped that we would get a chance to see each other soon even though we went to different high schools, but that was the last time I saw my best friend. Even though we still texted one another that was the last time I saw her. My junior year in high school I got a new phone but lost all of my contacts even Jessica’s.…show more content…
We started talking and I later asked her if by any chance she had Jessica’s number. She nodded and happily gave me Jessica’s number. Later on that night after I finish my homework and my chores around the house, I texted Jessica and asked, “Is this Jessica Turner? This is Sophia Obregon.” She replied and we started talking, texting, and facetiming again since we both had IPhones. We had talked all night and we had to remind each other that one of us had work or school the next day, I had found out that Jessica got herself a job and that she had moved out of her parents’ house and was living with her boyfriend and a friend from high school in the apartments by
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