Personal Narrative Essay: My Best Friend And Snow

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On days after a fresh snow my brother Jalen and I would put on all of our snow gear and spend the whole afternoon outside. My brother and I built forts in the far corner of our house with shovels and dug holes down to the concrete. We spent hours building the walls and attempting to build the ceilings. Passwords were created so our siblings and parents couldn’t come inside. We had towels for the carpet and played games in the fort until it was dark. Every half an hour or so I would have to go inside and drink hot chocolate to warm up. I was never able to stay warm since I was always going back outside in the snow. I spent every day playing with Jalen. My mom called me his little shadow. My brother Jalen has been my best friend and idol since…show more content…
My brother was always hunting with my dad, so I started hunting as soon as I was old enough. Some days after school my brother and I would go for a walk through the woods with his .22 rifle and shoot at any birds we saw in the trees. At night we would play a light up duck hunting video game in his room. We would also play against each other on his monster shooting game to see who was the fastest. My brother was either hunting with my dad, hunting birds in the woods, or playing shooting video games. Since I was always with him I started to enjoy hunting as a hobby because I saw how much he enjoyed it. When my brother wasn’t hunting he was fishing. On days when it wasn’t warm enough to go swimming we would take the paddle boat out. We fished on the far side of the lake where there was a tunnel through the weeds that we called turtle bay. We made homemade live traps out of netting to catch small minnows and frogs. On days after it had rained we went looking for worms and nightcrawlers to use as bait. Seeing how passionate my brother was about fishing made me feel the same way. Today fishing is one of my favorite…show more content…
His choices have impacted my choices and how I act. I have always followed in his footsteps, yet surprisingly I am not ashamed of any of it. I plan on attending NDSU which is where my brother is going to college right now. Even when I thought he was an idiot like when he made a “mud bath” in the sandbox, I still looked up to him. How he acted when we were young affected how I acted and what I did. Our mom never let us have play dates because we lived so far out of town, so we were each other’s best friend for thirteen years until he got his license. Since he was the only person I could play with I learned everything from him. We both ignored our older sister Amanda since she was rude and selfish. He didn’t like our little sister Lainey since she was always crying which caused me not to like her either. I never acted like the little girl my mom wanted. I didn’t love to go shopping with her. I hated trying on clothes or letting my sister give me makeovers. I enjoyed the things my brother did, and I acted a lot like him. I always wanted to play with his Lincoln Logs and Hot Wheel cars. I refused to play Barbies with my sister. Jalen has influenced my choices and how I act throughout my whole childhood. Jalen has had a large impact on what my hobbies are, some of the aspects of my personality, and many of my choices. Without him I never would’ve started going hunting or fishing. I wouldn’t be as

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