Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To The Rocky Mountains

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I took a trip a while back that really changed what I thought I wanted and where I thought I would end up in 10 years’ time. A few of my best friends decided to move to Colorado, they all worked for electrical companies so they could move wherever they wanted and be employable, well because people always need power. I’d never been to Colorado and I hadn’t heard much about it besides that weed was legal there now and that its right next to the Rocky Mountains. I still kept in contact with them and every time I talk to them online while playing video games they would tell me how much they loved living there or some crazy story that had happed to them. They would tell that is was nothing like rural Iowa, that there was countless things to everything…show more content…
We all went out to eat a 50s style diner that Adam recommended, he said it was one of his favorite places to eat. Afterward we decide to go hiking, Adam was the first to move to Denver, so he was basically the guide for the entire trip. I’d never seen the mountains before, but they really did look amazing, It was a view that you only see in the wallpapers in computers and as we drove through them I took plenty of pictures. They did always say that the mountain where beautiful. I don’t remember the name if the trail that Adam had taken us to, Cesar and martin hadn’t been there either. I never really understood the appeal of hiking, what you just walk through the wood? Sound like you’re looking to get attacked by a bear or some other wild animal. But again, I grew up in Iowa. I enjoyed hiking, Cesar and I were in the front the whole time and a had to stop and wait while martin and Glenn caught up I don’t think they enjoyed hiking as much, I know Cesar and Adam still has go hiking often but martin never does. We didn’t climb all the way up, but we got high enough to look over the city and it may sound cheesy but the sight really was beautiful, the hike down was the easy part. The rest of the day we went Frisbee golfing, they had probably the best course I’ve ever been too. We went to a brewery/restaurant to get some dinner, it was a nice place in a small town in the mountains. It was good to hang out with friends that I…show more content…
we said our goodbyes to Martin and Adam who were too hungover to go to us for breakfast. Cesar was a champ though, and took us to a pho place, he called hit his second home afterwards we drop him off at his place and stared our 10 hour drive back to Marshalltown. It was sad to see the mountains disappear in the distance behind us. I though back on the weekend and how much fun it was and most of what we did was just the thing that you had to do your first time in Colorado. Looking back to where we all were a year or two ago when we were right out of high school, but we had no idea how this would turn out that in just a year or two halves of our very close fend group would be gone doing a new thing in a different state. Think about how they all had careers that they would follow for the rest of their live also made me felt ashamed that I hadn’t found my own calling that I wasn’t really doing anything exciting with my youth while I still had. I’ve been there a couple more times since my first trip down there and every time I fall more and more in love with the Colorado lifestyle. So when people ask me the question what will you be doing in 10 year I say I don’t really know but one thing I do know is that I’ll be doing it in
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