Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To A New School

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When I was young, everything was consistent. I was content with the way things were, and didn’t really think about the future. Everything changed that eventful afternoon when my mother told me that we were moving. I remember feeling confused, not knowing what the move entails. Moving houses meant that I had to go to a new school, something that I’ve never done before. I’ve been in the same school system my entire life, and was nervous to start a new. I’ve always associated change with a negative connotation; moving taught me that it is important to make the best of your situation, and not all change is bad. It was a rainy first day of school. I had an uneasy feeling the night prior, and didn’t get much sleep. My body felt sluggish, and I looked like a train wreck. It was early still, so I sat on the couch waiting patiently. Everything was silent; the only sound I heard was the ticking of the clock. As I sat there, I expressed unhappy feelings about the move. I thought about how I didn’t say goodbye to a lot of my close friends. Staring back at the clock, it was 8:05 am, I was late. Hastily grabbing my backpack I bolted out of the front door. The heavy rain had died down slightly, but the winds were still raging on. As I turned the corner, I saw the school bus leaving. I stopped briefly, panting with my hands on my knees. I decided to walk to school, which was forty-five minutes away. Walking towards this huge daunting building, I felt overwhelmed. Everything felt so foreign, and I had no idea what uncharted…show more content…
I learned that you have to make the most out of every situation, and live life to the fullest. This means that you can’t let adversity set you back, or delay your path to happiness. Up until moving, I thought of change as a bad thing. Going to a new placed showed me that change offers an individual the chance to reinvent themselves, and build experiences that will last a

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