Personal Narrative Essay: Just Keep Swimming

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Just keep swimming: I started swimming competitively at the age of five. I started swimming for a summer league team call the Mission Valley Barracudas. Once I turned seven years old, I started swimming with the older kids, which were technically categorized as the faster kids. My coaches wanted me to swim with the older group, which consisted with junior high, and high school aged kids because swimming with my age group bracket was no longer challenging. Swimming was my favorite thing to do and still is. If I wasn’t swimming, I was most likely playing with Jonny and Alex or playing with my Legos. For the most part swimming in the older group was fun and challenging. Having longer and tougher workouts made me unstoppable when it came to competing…show more content…
Since I was doing just enough to pass and graduate high school, they plan was for me to go to junior college so I could still swim for Debbie. I had ruined my chances to receiving scholarship from major colleges because of my grades. My swimming had attracted lots of interest, however the colleges saw me as a academic risk. I felt so ashamed in myself. I was a fool for thinking my swimming talent would be enough to swim for any college I wanted. My parents were disappointed to but not because I didn’t get offers from schools. They were upset because they knew that I knew how badly screwed up my chances. Debbie on the other hand was not as disappointed I though she would be. She looked at it as two more years to coach me. Plus she thought going to junior college would help me understand the value of education. During the summer of graduating from high school is when I got burnt out. Even though I swan year round, summer is still the busiest time for swimming. After my final championship meet of the summer, I knew I was done. After the last swim meet of the summer, Debbie gave all the swimmers two weeks off from swimming. During that time I really thought about every thing and decided that I needed to take a break before I start disliking swimming. I expressed this to Debbie over the phone because I could not bear to tell her in person. She was not happy and thought I was making a big mistake in stopping. She suggested that I take a month off to think about it some more but to not fully walk away. I took her advice and took a month off from swimming. During that month I did not really think about swimming or miss it. I was too focused on getting prepared to start college. Once a month passed by, Debbie gave me a call to find out what was on my mind and if I wanted to come to practice. Debbie is a difficult person to say no to. I went up to her
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