Personal Narrative Essay: How I Learned: The Hard Way

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date I learned: The hard way My Grandmother always advised me to be a responsible boy or else I would be a boy who cried wolf. She reiterated that one day, no one would bother to listen to my cries. I loved scheming on how to avoid going to school most of the time. I loved feigning sickness. I learned the hard way. During my junior high school, I developed a bad habit of avoiding school, something common among my age group or peer. I loved staying home to watch and listen to favorite talk shows. Since these shows were only aired during school hours, I often feign sickness so that I could stay home and watch what I considered, a must watch program. At first, on most occasions, I successfully convinced my…show more content…
All awhile, my Grandmother was giving me a lecture on how important it was for me to go to school and get my education. Further, as I sweat talked my Grandmother out, I started to feel a mild pain in the lower part of my stomach. I did not bother to complain because I knew she was still annoyed with me from my earlier episodes. As the time passed by, the pain became so prominent. During lunchtime, my stomach hurt so badly that I could not eat. Not that I would have, school lunch was always nasty. However, it was different. Although my pain was almost unbearable, I still avoided calling my grandmother. I could hear her voice telling me she does not want to hear it. As the school day came to an end, my pain seemed only to get worse. I held onto my stomach as I walked to the car where my mother was waiting for me. I looked up just in time to see her roll her eyes at me. “What is the matter now, Melinda?” my grandmother said in a sarcastic tone. “Nothing,” I replied, figuring it would be a waste of my time to tell her I was really sick. I wanted to avoid another lecture. By supper time, I was wet with sweat and in so much pain that I could not move a muscle. All I could do was to lie in my bed in pain. My grandmother came up, and I could tell she acknowledged the pain I was in. Nevertheless, she was still hesitant to believe that I was in as much pain as I portrayed. Considering that I had this so many times before, I could not blame her for doubting me. She realized I was not joking when my body temperature read 104 degrees, and she had to rush me to the hospital. While at the hospital, I looked at my grandmother’s face and realized how hurting she was for not
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