Personal Narrative Essay: How I Hate Change

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It started in February 11 th, 1992 that’s when I was born. A big child as my mother would say, maybe that’s because I was almost ten pounds and put her in a great deal of pain. My parents were born in Mexico; they entered this country at a young age. They worked hard and never complained. My mom got married to my dad at nineteen and had my sister at twenty. I was born two years later. I guess I was the correct child since my parents stopped with me. I went to Rosemary Kennedy for preschool in Riverside, from what I remember I loved every second of it. I made friends that I still have and learned skills that I still use to this age. When I got to Loma Vista middle school, I was only in sixth grade. The city started a new rule where six graders…show more content…
Our field was a empty parking lot. We would walk around for our break, some kids would play handball on the wall while and some would go to the little Mexican shop two doors down. We would buy chips and sodas and even tacos. After we ate our lunch we would wait to go back to our so called class. We got the news a few months into our school that would no longer be attending La Sierra Community. Another change, which I was not so happy with. One thing about me is that I hate change; I didn’t even want to move to a bigger house when my parents got the chance. Our teacher said we would all be located to Arlington Regional he also mentioned that this school was going to be not only ours, but for a wide amount of others with the same issues we had. We were going to be with teens from different areas, Eastside, Southside, Corona, and Home Gardens. Not to mention every gang from every side. We had contracts to follow and a strict dress code so we don’t spark anything…show more content…
I already knew it was going to be hard to stay out of trouble there. Once again the same routine started for me. I was ditching, getting into problems with other girls, and having teacher issues as well. Things weren’t getting any better. To my surprise, I met a guy there. I knew a good amount of people but this particular person I never met. We ended up going to the same class when our teacher was out sick, that’s where our relationship started. We were inseparable and we seemed to be a good match for one another. Almost a year into our relationship we found out I was pregnant. We were shocked and scared at the same time, especially since I was only fifteen. We thought of different options, but came to the conclusion of keeping this child. Unfortunately we dropped out of school to support our baby
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