Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The City

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The sticky, moist sensation was the first thing I felt when I descended from the plane. As I headed towards the baggage claim area, the airport was filled with people and giant packages, stacked on top of one another, on carts being transported to each of their destined vehicles. My family brought at least three or four giant boxes over to Vietnam, plus all of our luggage. There was so much stuff. Our luggage was quickly thrown into a car, while we were given helmets so we could sit on the back of our uncle’s motorcycle and head back towards his home. We weren’t even on the streets yet but I felt my excitement rising as I just sat on the back of my uncle’s motorbike. Since this was going to be the first time I ever rode on a motorbike. There…show more content…
Going across the street was one feat, but seeing the interior of the “restaurant” across that street was another. If I said that we were going to a restaurant here, you’d immediately think of a relatively nice place ― that has likeable furnishing and decorated walls. This place was not nice. It was old and dingy. You would look around and see cruddy tables with plastic chairs. Despite that, the food smelled great. The refreshing night air gave off an aromatic scent of broth and spices for phở. I expected the food to be sort of cruddy, just like the venue, but it was the complete opposite of what I thought it’d be. When the dish was served, some seasonings to my taste were added before I ate. The first bite of the noodle dish was filled with crunchy bean sprouts and juicy chicken soaked in the flavorful soup and my added seasonings of a hint of lime, some chili, and sweet hoisin sauce that only made the dish more…show more content…
It was a relief to come back home and just relax. The comfort of cushy seats in a car and the coolness of the AC blowing air into your face on a hot day without the sticky sensation of air clinging to you. The sense of security while using crosswalks to cross the street. And clean, organized stores with set prices that you can trust. But there’s some “chaotic” things that’ll be missed from Vietnam. The thrill of riding a motorcycle, eating snacks from vendors on the street at night, and even the tacky restaurants with delicious

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