Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The Cooper's Rock

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It was Monday, September 21, a cloudy sky and nice weather. I suggested to my friends to go to the Coopers Rock, to have a good time and do my essay. I was having some good memories in the Coopers Rock, two years ago we were going to the Coopers Rock monthly with my friends on the weekends to grill and play soccer. we prepared our picnic snacks and drinks and we went to the Coopers Rock. The views around the highway in I (68) is so beautiful, it starts letting you think how well Coopers Rock looked like. We arrived to the Coopers rock after 25 minutes. We sit on the grass first, but there were a lot of insects crawling around us so we went to the shelter to continue our picnic. The shelter was so beautiful, the design let you feel you are in the middle of the Forest, there was grilled on it and Wi-Fi. We pot out tools in the shelter and we start walking into the forest to explore the area. There were a lot of interesting things, there was camping, hiking, and biking area. There were a few people around, some were walking took pictures with each other,…show more content…
The hawks were flying around and their voice was so clear to hear it. When you see them flying it feels you how free they are, and wish to be free like birds. We saw squirrels on the tree, they were looking nice especially when the walk into the ground. it was the first time I heard squirrel voice, his voice was close to ducks’ voice.

In Coopers Rock there is a specific place or small road for biking, its let you go around and into the forest. The challenged, we faced is when the road goes up, it made us breathing hardly and feel our legs muscles stranded .so we stopped biking and we went back to the shelter. we were hungry, so we start eating our snacks and drinking our tea and coffee, but half an hour later we been asked to find another place because the shelter was reserved. We left the shelter to the grass area a so we can continue our walking
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