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714 words

Mommy said, “Honey, we’re moving”. I jumped up and down in excitement. A new house, a better one I thought. We were switching from plane to plan for almost two days. I still remember when I was at Gerald R. Ford airport, looking around and it was a totally strange place that fill with strangers. I realized that I was in America, my head spinned around and my heart started to beat faster.
I had never been away from my country, Vietnam. Around me were people who speak the same language as me. It was really hard to accept the fact that I’ll be living here for the rest of my life. Everything looked so different and new here. I didn’t want to ask my parents why.I was mad at them for not telling me what was going on, but little did I know that they …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Recounts how they jumped up and down in excitement when mommy said, "honey, we're moving". they remember being at gerald r. ford airport, looking around and it was a totally strange place.
  • Narrates how they had never been away from their country, vietnam. they were mad at their parents for not telling them what was going on, but they were struggling financially.
  • Describes their first two months in america, where they had no car to go to places, no jobs, and no money. the language barrier was the biggest issue.
  • Narrates how they remember their teacher sounded like: "let's blah.
  • Describes how the speechless girl who blushed like a tomato graduated east kentwood high school and attended grcc.
  • Opines that their goal is to become a nurse and make their parents proud of their success in life.

It was really shameful that I couldn’t understand what she was saying, so I brought a huge dictionary with me to school the next day. As my teacher spoke to the class, I try to figured out what it meant. At night, my grandpa made me watch Barney and Friends with English subtitles and a dictionary beside me. I also tried to read as many books as I could. Not that I can understand it, but it really helped me with my English. Those weird buzzing sounds coming from my teacher became words after a few years. I would laugh at my teacher’s joke with my classmates, and on top of that, I made friends. It still took me days to get my English homework done; however, my hard work and time I spent were rewarded by a B in my English exam. Simple words can’t describe how I felt when I saw myself improving day by day. I told myself that I’ll work harder and harder so I could get an A just like everybody else.
It is 2016, and here I am. The speechless girl who blushed like a tomato now just graduated East Kentwood High School and certainly attending at GRCC. It’s my first year in college and it’s going really great so far. I have the greatest friends ever and my English has improved so much. I’m also taking Spanish class to challenge myself more and I’m actually doing pretty good in most of my classes. My high school teacher once said, “As long as you keep trying you will

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