Personal Narrative Essay

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It was cold, so cold my fingers stung under the three pairs of gloves I wore in preparation for the journey I made everyday. It began as always I wake up to the noise of my four sisters preparing for school. The arguing was routinely, no matter the day or the occasion. My younger sisters, who seemed to enjoy it, would set identical alarms unknowingly. After which they race to the restroom in an attempt to be the first one dressed and ready. Being the only male in the above average four bedroom home I had the luxury of a basement room. The basement was cold and spacious, but it made for an impressive living area. On the end furthest right after walking down a flight of steps was my bathroom. A full bathroom with a blue tile floor. A…show more content…
I had just made it to my seat in the back of the room. I hated sitting in the back because my eyesight was terrible to say the least, but Mr. Lungsford had arranged us in alphabetical order. He said it made taking role easier. He opened up class with a video. In the video there was a man, he looked middle-aged about 40, he was dressed in khaki dress pants and a white button up shirt he had tucked inside his pants. He looked uncomfortable like he would rather be somewhere else. He was being interviewed and the interviewer was asking him questions that made him even more uncomfortable to the point he walked out. Mr. Lungsford then shut off the television and wheeled it to the back room. When returning back in front of us he asked what we would have done that situation. In an uncomfortable place being asked questions with no definite correct answer. One girl in the seat two spaces headed of me said that she would change the subject and speak around it. Mr. Lungsford told her that even though that sounded good. It would only hurt herself. He went on to explain that this is what politicians do everyday. They are asked questions on important issues and are expected to give honest feedback that appeals to the people or their personal political views. It 's not about being right or wrong it 's about being honest and hoping the public can genuinely trust you as a leader. He then went on to lecture us while answering questions occasionally. Before we could finish class discussion the bell rang that dismissed us for lunch and we all naturally stampede out the
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