Personal Narrative Essay

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I didn’t have the easiest childhood, I grew up in a small town on the south shore of Nova Scotia with a population of around ten thousand people. I went to a small French school up until grade six. The school went from primary to grade 12, but it only had just over one hundred people. I made the decision to transfer to a bigger school about half through grade six. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I had only ever had small classes before. I missed the orientation day that happens in June for some reason so I went in a few days before school started and I got a tour of the school from the secretary. On the first day of school I didn’t really know anyone. There was this one girl that I knew from before, but she transferred from the French school a year before me and had already made a group of friends. The first few weeks were a lot to get used to, but I managed to do fine.…show more content…
I met a lot of people in that first year, but I wouldn’t go as far as being able to call many of them friends, not yet anyway. I had probably only made two or three friends in the first year but they weren’t really the type of people that I was used to or that I had been friends with before. They were a bit nerdy and I guess I was too, but I also liked sports and stuff. After I had made it through my first year and made some friends, people started to notice me more. However, for me that wasn’t such a good thing. My French immersion class was great, we were all close and good friends. It was the people in the English part of the school, people that I didn’t really know that started to give me a hard time. They would only see me in the hallways in between classes or at lunch and even in that small window of time they still found the chance to come up with some names to call me. What really got me was that I didn’t understand how they were coming with the
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