Personal Narrative: Borrowed Home

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After canceling her day of pampering and having her wits scared out of her with friends Kristin assured Teri that watching the girls was not a problem. She could get a manicure and movie any day. “We’ve got all summer to live it up before we go our separate ways.” Kristin told her.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do when you leave. The girls will be so upset, not to mention Chris and me.” Teri kissed Kristin’s cheek and hurried to Sioux City to fill in for a nurse who had called in sick.
Walking into the kitchen Kristin found the dirty lunch dishes still on the table. “Yeah, you’re going to miss me,” she said aloud and proceeded to clear the table and load the dishwasher. She had really been looking forward to spending the day with her high school friends; going to the mall and then a movie. Summer seemed to be flying by this year. Time wasn’t going to stop or even slow down so she could adjust to being a grown-up. Three years ago this day couldn’t get here fast enough and now that it’s here it won’t stop so she could enjoy it longer. In two months she would be walking into a University class room in a new city. She had taken a tour of the campus with her parents but they weren’t going to be there to hold her hand or nudge her through the door the first day of class. The closer the day she’d always dreamed about got the more nervous and unsure she became. Now Kristin just wanted to be a kid. One more summer. One more sleep over. One more day she didn’t have to worry about the rest of her life.
Making her mind up to take pleasure in what time she had left Kristin took her charges outside to the swing set their dad had built. And, just because she could, Kristin swung and took several rides down the slide he...

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... climb out of the TV into the living room. Unsure why she was so jumpy tonight Kristin tried to remember the upcoming tragedies so she would be prepared for them. It must be the strange noises outside, the sudden wind, maybe even from being disappointed about not going to the theater with her friends.
The popcorn bowl was now safely on the table with her drink as she was spilling more than she was eating. With feet drawn up tight, and her soft shield in place Kristin watched as one teenager after another was brutally slaughtered, each one worse than the last.
“What are you watching?”
Screaming at the top of her lungs Kristin was ejected off the sofa. With her feet stamping and her arms shaking her shriek went on. After she was able to focus on the cause of her near heart attack she still couldn’t stop. Eyes wide with stark fear were wet now with tears.
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