Personal Narrative: Being A Versatile Writer

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360 words

Being a Versatile Writer Every person has a writing process. The process appears natural to writers, due to the lack of variation in our processes. Essentially, all writers benefit from different writing processes. My teacher always drilled, "Writing is just like reading." Reading excellent novels, influences excellent writing. Reading is an essential role in my writing process. After finding a quiet place, I can focus and start the brainstorm. This includes the collecting of my ideas, data, or any information entering my mind at the moment. It's crucial to be alone when writing due to the fact I specialize in procrastination and have a terrible attention span. Once I have written a successful draft, I will read it out

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that writing is natural to writers, due to the lack of variation in our processes. reading excellent novels influences excellent writing.
  • Describes the types of writing that they find useful in making productive and high-quality papers.
  • Explains that they lack writing experience due to the fact they have yet to graduate high school. they have experience with research papers and editorials, or persuasive essays.
  • Opines that writing essays has become critical to their academic success. all writing types require different processes. writing success is not a piece-of-cake.
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