Personal Narrative-Atheism In The United States

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The year I entered third grade my parents divorced. I stood in my kitchen as my father held a knife in one hand, telephone in the other and screamed at my mother on the other line, “If you come home, I am going to kill you!” There was a subsequent long and messy divorce. My mother received full custody of my two older sisters and me. My father married the woman he had been having an affair with. After a few months of spending every other weekend at my father’s new gated community apartment he stopped opening the gate to let us in. It was no mystery to me that God, a loving father, would sacrifice his Son. In my experience that was just what fathers do. They abandon their sons. In a major shift from my sheltered private Lutheran school, I attended an overcrowded public high school. I found myself falling in with a group of kids who had equally dysfunctional families and strongly atheistic attitudes. I watched as many of them struggled with abuse, drug addiction, criminal activity, and being kicked out of their homes. I graduated at seventeen and immediately moved out on my own. During this time, my friends introduced me to neo-atheism. I had not given much thought to religion since elementary school. I always assumed that I was Christian because I knew many biblical facts and names from my “religion”…show more content…
I enrolled in Multnomah University with that goal in mind. As I studied those sixty-six books, it became evident to me that to truly live out my beliefs, I should, “seek justice, reprove the ruthless, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.” This conviction combined with my love for and training in the careful analysis and exegesis of texts and my life experiences led me to pursue law school. In many ways, I still have more questions than answers. However, I know that my studies prompted by my faith continue to be essential to understanding what that faith
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