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449 words

Never could I have imagined that one minute I would be laughing in the car with my best friends on the threshold of summer and the next be fighting for my life after being ejected from a moving vehicle. On June 13th, 2017 I was involved in a car accident that left me intensely injured and killed my best friend. This was the most difficult challenge I have ever had to face, not only physically but mentally. When I woke up two days after the accident with no memory of what I went through was terrifying. For close to two weeks, Movement was nearly impossible without excruciating pain. Doctors and family alike told me that I could be in the hospital for up to three months, this feeling of helplessness petrified me. Six broken ribs, a concussion,

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they were injured in a car accident that left them fighting for their life after being ejected from the moving vehicle. they woke up two days later with no memory of what they went through.
  • Narrates how they felt a gut punch when they were told about justin's passing. they had to mourn the loss of their closest friend, on top of recovering from potentially life altering injuries.
  • Opines that everything they do in life, i do for justin. they fought harder than they ever did without even knowing it, and couldn't have done that without the amazing people they had by their side.
  • Describes how their friends organized a fundraiser for justin's family and themselves after the accident. they learned that life is fragile and to cherish the moments with the people they love for as long as they can.
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