Personal Narrative: A Song Changed My World

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Personal Narrative A song marked my world.Those 4 minutes and 15 seconds changed my life. Before I start this song, I want to apologize in anything that I have offended you know that’s hard for me to say my dearest treasure today fulfilling 15 years of being here. That special waltz my father and I danced at my Quinceanera marked me forever. I realized womanhood was here as soon as the song finished. Today I leave my childhood behind and go from being a little girl to a young woman. Is this really happening? Am I ready for this? What’s this feeling that I'm feeling? As that song begins to play, all those beautiful memories - memories of being his little girl, - memories that I will never forget come back. When he would hold me as I was feeling down, telling me…show more content…
From the first time he showed me how to ride a bike, to how to drive a car. August 10 , 2015 marked my world by completely by many different ways. It all started at 7:30 in the morning with my mother driving me to get my hair and makeup done. It took about 10 hours to have my hair curled and be beautiful or more like 2 hours . After that it took a hour to have my make-up done by a professional makeup artist named Johan. I was literally sitting in the same chair for about 3 hours without being able to move or stand up one bit . After that was all done we headed back home where I had to rush to put my big puffy, pink ,sparkly dress with my sparkly converse shoes. As soon as I was done getting dressed my pink hummer limo arrived at my door step. Me and my court had to pile into the limo so we wouldn't be late to church. All the way there I was thinking about how this special day has finally come. Arriving at church I was a excited but also nervous at the same time. It didn't help that we had to wait 30 minutes to have my church ceremony start. Finally my church ceremony started and my emotions were at all time high. Walking down

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