Personal Narrative: A Roller Coaster Of Experience

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A Roller Coaster of Experience The aroma of cotton candy and popcorn pervaded the air. With my sister and brother strolling to the right of me and my parents to my left, we admired our surroundings. We entered Universal Studios, one of the greatest amusement parks in the world and it seemed like a dream to my sixth grade self. Straightaway, we went ride to ride, enjoying the sun and the scenery. Then as we walked towards another section of the park, I heard piercing screams. I looked up and saw vibrant, green steel tracks in the distance. The tracks looped and turned, towering up into the sky and sharply back down, and small carts filled with people rapidly dashed around on the steel monster. I had never seen such a massive roller coaster in person, and watching the ride petrified me. Seconds later, my sister asked me if I wanted to ride the roller coaster with her. The thought of going on it made my stomach drop. I promptly declined, so she went with my father instead. When she came back, she told me how much she enjoyed it and attempted to convince me to go on one with her. I pondered for a few minutes and decided to ride the next one we passed. Yet, every time we passed another roller coaster, the confidence I had moments before vanished. During that winter…show more content…
My friends noticed that the wait was short, so we quickly joined the line. As we approached the platform, I began to have doubts again. All the possibilities of catastrophe ran through my head, but before I had time to back out, we stood next in line. Then the small gate opened, allowing us to take our seat on the roller coaster. With my feet dangling a few inches off the platform, I pulled the bar over my head and appeared ready to go. I felt my heart beating a little faster, and I held my friends’ hands tightly. Moments later, the platform below fell down below us and the roller coaster took
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