Personal Narrative: A New Beginning

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A New Beginning When meeting someone new you always get scared or have a little nerves bundled up inside. It’s even like that when someone is born, like a cousin or a new sibling that’s how it was for me having my new baby sister being born, I didn’t think I was ready for a baby sister. Even since I was already graduated and my brother not too far behind me graduating this year. It would literally be a handful for her to start over, my aunt had told me it would be better for my mom because she’s lonely. But I guess my mom wanted to started fresh she was missing having little ones running around she wanted my brother and I to be little again but that couldn’t happen. And this is where she got the idea to start over. And if I had to admit I wasn’t very happy with this whole…show more content…
My heart was in my head and my brain was in my chest, what if after meeting her I felt the same that’s all that went through my head. As I pulled up to the house I could feel chills run up my back as if I was getting fired or going to the principal’s office. Why did it feel like this? I shouldn’t be scared to meet her I shouldn’t take my anger from my mom out on my new baby sister, I should be happy she’s here and she’s a miracle I kept telling myself that over and over as I walked in the front door. As I walked in the room I heard her innocent little cry that melted my heart. Holding her she was like a glass baby doll. When I held her, her soft smooth baby skin touched me, it wasn’t even rough. She felt brand new. I looked down at her as her little fingers wrapped around my one finger my heart melted and I knew I was in love. I realized now that if I hadn’t given up on being stubborn I would have missed out on this, the little moments in life are what you need, and no matter what family is family. Of course I learned that the hard way. But I now thank god every day for my beautiful little
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