Personal Narrative : A High School Student

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“Hey Kasper, come over here, I just found something amazing!’ Josh shouted out waving over for Kasper to come “Coming” Kasper shouted back as her started running over to josh. “Look Kasper, I found a golden beetle” Josh said as he quickly picked up the golden beetle and showed it to Kasper, Kasper groaned and smacked his head in annoyance “I wonder why you’re interested in these things” ‘RING~~~~~’ “Oh it’s time to get to class” Kasper said as he started walking away “Hey wait for me” Josh shouted desperately. “Fine just get over here fast”, Kasper said stopping for a moment ‘RING~~~~~’ “Great, look at the time start running or we’ll be late for class,” Kasper said running off. Kasper was a normal high school student, He wasn’t very popular but was a straight A student but the problem was that he really didn’t show much respect to his teacher, he was a very smart boy and actually had a kind side but this was all in the inside, on the outside he was quite a dark and quiet person. He also had silver hair and silver eyes which were quite odd. He was also was quite a skinny boy and he even had to admit he was quite weak, but he didn’t get picked because of his dark demeanor. Soon enough they got to class only to find that they were late. “Where were you Kasper and Josh” Mrs. Lovely asked Kasper let out a sigh and sent a glare at Josh “sorry we 're late miss” “Well this is both you last time getting to class, now got sit down” Mrs. Lovely said Josh smiled sheepishly “Sorry miss, we’ll never be late again” Kasper groaned he absolutely hated school and wished who ever invented schools could have died in the depths of hell before he could create school. Suddenly the door opened and a girl came in that no one had before. "Oh t... ... middle of paper ... ...e looked up to see how Kasper took this but to only find Kasper fist posed at her so she backed away and closed her eyes thinking that Kasper would hit her but she felt nothing so she peeked opened her eyes too only find Kasper walking out of the school. It was 12pm at night and Kasper was lying in bed awake thinking about what Lily had said 'Yes you 'only ' have a friend Kasper because you 're always quiet and ignorant so that’s why you 're a loner ' ‘Am I really a loner? ' Kasper kept thinking but suddenly a bright flash came through his window "Ugh what now in the middle of night," Kasper said groaning in annoyance. Kasper opened the door and left the house to see what made the bright flash, he was expecting a broken lamp or something like that, but what he found wasn’t a broken lamp, it was a dark blue crystal stuck in the ground in the middle of a crater.
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