Personal Narrative: A Fast Runner By Thorstein Eriksson

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404 words

Three days ago I was sent with a message for Thorstein Eriksson. I had to run the whole way to his farm. Although, not at my own pace, I was racing against Hikki. Hikki’s a fast runner and knows his way around. Freydis ordered me to go immediately, but I heard that Hikki was taking food. That worried me. I wandered, would I go a few days without food? I had no choice though, Freydis wanted me to have a head start. So I ran. I ran along the coast because that’s all I knew. It wasn’t long until I saw Hikki overtake me. He ran a more direct route. When the sun went down I grew tired, my eyes wouldn’t stay open. I stopped and found somewhere to sleep. When I awoke the only thing I could think of was food. I was starving and couldn’t run! Thankfully

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they had to run to thorstein eriksson's farm against hikki, a fast runner who knew his way around. freydis ordered them to go immediately, and they ran along the coast.
  • Narrates how snarf found some whale meat on the beach that they ate. after they were full, they ran again, thinking of hikki.
  • Describes how snarf led them to the cliffs where they saw hikki lying at the bottom, his foot caught under rocks.
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