Personal Narrative: A Career In Criminal Justice

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It was a hot summer night, when I sat down to watch the scheduled airing of one of my favorite shows, Cops. As the show was coming to a conclusion, an unforgettable scene unfolded before me. A call came in to the officers stating that there was a robbery in progress. As the officers arrived on scene, one officer went to the front while the other began to the garage area. Spotting the officer that went to the front of the house, the suspect began to flee only to run into the second officer. Seemingly cornered, the suspect drew a shotgun and aimed it at the second officer. The officers aimed at him yelling commands “put the weapon down” about thirty seconds later, the suspect shot the officer. It was later said on an another episode of the show that the even though the paramedics were called to the scene that the officer had died. Although, I have no personal connection to the officer, I felt a deep sense of lost. He had his entire life ahead of him but it was taken away by senseless violence. That was the moment that I knew I wanted to have a career in the field of criminal justice. Seeing someone who came to assist his community, someone that did everything in his power to help the caller made me cry. All the…show more content…
The first day of school I met my JROTC teacher Chief Warren, he made sure I knew about the military and that it was an option that was always there and did not impose his opinion of the military onto me. After some research about the military, their mission, and the lifestyle of some soldiers. I decided this was the career that was right for me. The military’s mission, is to defend the U.S. and U.S. interests, is the exact reason I want to join. Having the ability to provide aid to others in need is what I want to do with my life. I believe that Towson University will set me on the right path to accomplish my
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