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Assignment 2: Personal Branding Portfolio - Reflection

I have several ways to improve my professional branding divided into three main step. First of all, after I have learnt that our full name can represent our branding on social network. I start to search my name in the search engine such as Google. After I saw my brand on display I start to clean the non-professional posts or comments on social media such as the comments or posts that contain inappropriate words or rude words, or non-professional pictures such as my selfie picture in the party. Moreover, I set my Facebook and Instagram privacy to allow only friends can access my profile. Next, I create my LinkedIn profile and complete all the profile sections designed such as Courses,
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First part of the presentation, she is talking about LinkedIn is a networking tool that we can use it to connect with people we do not know and build a relationship. We can find the people who may be able to assist us in our job search. Even if they cannot assist us, they may know someone who can. Therefor, she recommended us to start a conversation with someone attended the same university. Perhaps they previously worked somewhere we would like to train, we can know by check their LinkedIn profile. After we got the connection, we can find some job recommendation from Mahidol university alumni. She told us that it's the easy way to find Mahidol university alumni contact information via LinkedIn and we can make an appointment to the alumni by sending a message to them directly from the LinkedIn messaging. It's very important to put a personal touch in the message since it will be more meaningful to the potential connection. It will also help to make good impression about us. Moreover, she told us about the way to talk with our alumni, we can ask them about how they got involved in the field or a question about a specific aspect of their profile, such as a previous job or particular project. Moreover, she warns us that we should not ask the job from the alumni, whatever they are business owner or HR. We should find the "links" with them to generate a discussion…show more content…
Moreover, the group communication that set the member by teacher gave me the useful lesson about how to communicate in team and how to reach the team to the goal. However, there was not useful in some part of group communication assignment because of every group didn't apply knowledge from public speaking course in our second year in their presentation, most of them read the script and don't use their own words in the presentation so I cannot understand the content of presentation as expected. Therefore, I think some part of team presentation were not necessary. Teacher should teach theoretical foundation for all six topics include team dynamics, meeting management, conflict management, intercultural communication, negotiation, and virtual communication by himself, and let the students present about the application of the theory in their real life situations, so we can gain more knowledge about theoretical foundation of each topic from teacher and learn how to work with other people. I think teacher should add more case study or the application of the theory in real life situation because we should analyze all knowledge of a theoretical foundation to find the application of

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